Decal Application Instructions

What you will need:

Measuring tape, pencil, painters tape, squeegee, rubbing alcohol, cleaning supplies (Rapid Tac or baby shampoo or alcohol)

Step 1

diecut - step 2

Make sure the temperature is moderate - between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

diecut - prep

Mark the area with a pencil or use tape for easy and accurate positioning.

Step 2

decal application

Wash the surface with an ammonia-free cleaner to remove any dirt, grease, oil, wax, or foreign matter.

die cut - wipe down_

Then spray or wipe the area with rubbing alcohol. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER

Step 3

decal step 3 - taping

Leaving the backing paper on, place the decal where you would like to apply it. Place a piece of tape along the top edge of the decal, creating a hinge.

Step 4

decal step 4 - pulling off

Lift the decal, as if it is on a hinge and peel off the backing paper.

Step 5

decal step 5 - spraying

Spray the surface with Rapid Tac Fluid OR use a bottle filled with water, 1/ tsp of baby shampoo and 2 tsp of alcohol.

Step 6

decal step 6

While holding the bottom edge of the decal, slowly lower the decal to the surface and use a squeegee to remove bubbles.

Step 7

decal step 7

Remove the masking/painter's tape hinge from the top of the decal.

Step 8

decal step 8

Use the squeegee to remove any bubbles. Allow 24 hours before washing or rough handling.