If you have a logo you are already using, you can send it to us. Below are some guidelines that our art department has set to ensure that your artwork can be used in our system. Please review this list and let us know if you have any questions. Don’t have a logo? We can help you with that as well! We will work with you to get a product that you love!

Spot color, Pantone Solid Coated (PMS # C), CMYK, Grayscale, NO RGB (Converting to CMYK will change the colors, sometimes dramatically.)

Artwork 1 Artwork 2

Is the preferred format for all artwork. It is based on points, paths, and lines and is easily scaled without reducing image quality. Files created from vector based programs must be saved as an EPS (Encapsulated Post script) or an editable PDF. All text must be converted to outlines or curves before saving. This will prevent any missing font issues. All placed images in the document must be embedded or sent separately to sustain the link.

Artwork 3

Is created using pixel information. This type of image is used most often for photos. It is resolution dependent and cannot be increased from original size without reducing quality. Acceptable raster art is created as 150 dpi at final dimension of print size and saved as a TIFF. Rasterized based text should be 300 – 600dpi. Color should be same as final color as CMYK, grayscale, pms spot color, or duotone pms spot color. RGB and low resolution web based images are unacceptable.

Artwork 4 Artwork 5


We recommend sharp photos and clean line drawings for best reproduction. Scanned art will require recreation. Any artwork that needs to be recreated will have an additional fee.

Artwork 6

A minimum of 1/8” bleed is required on all artwork. Critical elements must be 1/8” inside edge. Templates available upon request.

Artwork 7

Fonts must be set to outlines/curves or submitted with artwork. Minimum standard point size for type is 4pt. We cannot guarantee legibility with type smaller than 4pt.

Artwork 8

We require any new job to have an art proof provided by our art department. This must be approved by our clients. In sending your approval you are saying that you have checked for typographical and grammatical errors. We are not responsible for these errors.

Artwork 9

Accepted File Formats

Artwork 10
These file types are considered print ready. Please set artwork to your desired dimensions. InDesign (.indd) -InDesign files must be packaged, Photoshop (.psd .tiff .jpeg) and Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg)

Unaccepted File Formats

These file types are not considered print ready and will cause a delay: Native Corel Draw (CDR), Low Resolution JPEG (JPG), Text Files (TXT), Microsoft Office Files (DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.) Microsoft Publisher (.pub)

The following file types are acceptable; however will be considered Scanned Artwork: .gif, .png, photographs of artwork

We have over 100+ templates available upon your request which can help you when designing your art proof. Have an idea of what you want but don’t have the right tools to do it? That’s ok! We have our very own art department that can help you design just what you want.


We’d love to hear about your ideas! Share them with us and we may be able to assist you with all of your printing needs.

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