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It’s hard to believe that school is starting back for many in less than a month! Want to make a difference in your community while boosting your business? Sponsor a school!

Why? Many reasons, here are a few:

  1. Your personal satisfaction of making a difference in someone’s life. Your generosity may open doors for improved academic performance (having the tools to succeed is sometimes a struggle), motivation for a child to achieve and gain the confidence to create a successful future. You would be a role model and could even expand a child’s awareness of a career in your field that he/she would not have known about otherwise.
  2. You and your team can develop leadership skills while helping and being a role model.
  3. A better education system in your community promotes economic success by way of a stronger, more skilled workforce, which can help your business even more.
  4. When you sponsor schools, you gain positive exposure with students (your company’s future prospective employees), faculty, parents and the community (all of which are your potential customers). This can equal more customer contacts for you!

How? Again, there are so many ways to sponsor, but here are a few:

  1. Be a tutor/mentor.  Volunteer with a club.  Get in there and be hands on with the students.
  2. Offer an internship. Let a student into your world so they learn real life skills.
  3. Set up a scholarship.
  4. Sponsor a grade in an elementary school by providing supplies for classrooms. These can be branded with your logo! If this is something you do year after year, students will look forward to that grade so that they get the goodies you provide. Parents love that!
  5. Get together with other businesses to sponsor a whole school with supplies for various things. It could be pencils for the whole school. It could be portfolios for a business class in the high school.

There are many ways you can help your local schools. What you can give may seem small, but it will make a big difference. Word gets out in schools which businesses help. To boost that along, branded supplies go home with children. Those items are around during conferences and PTA nights. Parents notice those things. Parents appreciate those things.

Below are some ideas for items that students use. If you would like to sponsor a school with an item, let us help. When you call to order, let us know that you will use this item to donate to a school and tell us which one. We’ll give you the lowest price regardless of the quantity on the list that you choose. It’s our way of helping too!


Call us today to get started making a difference in helping your local schools with supplies! 800-472-0285

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