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You choose Dynamic Decals & Graphics for quality decals to promote your business, but did you realize that we can do so much more to promote your brand? In fact, we can really rock your brand!

From pens to drink ware, to quality clothing items and everything in between, Dynamic can get your brand noticed with a variety of exceptional products that reflect your commitment to outstanding service!

We’d love to help you really rock your brand! Whether you are a customer for decals, clothing or any of our ad specialty items, you have a chance to rock your brand by winning your very own CUSTOM GUITAR!!!

We will give away 2 (yes, 2!) guitars this year – one of which may be sporting your logo! One drawing will be July 1st and the other drawing will be December 20th!

How can you be qualified? Glad you asked!

1. Be a customer!

If you don’t already know, we have great products at fair prices with the BEST customer service, so if you aren’t a customer, contact us – we’d love to be working with you!

2. Show us love on social media!

Go to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…), like us or follow us (we won’t lead you astray!) and then show us love by sharing us with the folks you know on YOUR social media pages. When you use the hashtag DynamicRocks (#DynamicRocks), you will be entered. YOU MUST USE #dynamicrocks TO BE ENTERED!!!!

Want to increase your chances of winning? Share us more! Show the world your awesome decals or pens or shirts and then tell them who helped you by using #dynamicrocks.

That’s it! Pretty simple, huh? I’m sure that your guitar will look as cool as ours! (That will be our goal, because our customers are the BEST!)

You’re still here? You should go! Start sharing! You have a guitar to win!


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