Mini Billboards work hard for you!

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Need a way to promote your business that doesn’t violate city sign ordinances? Why not drive around with “mini billboards” advertising for you?

Orange County Pottys in Florida did just that. They wanted decals that would be simple to apply, be protected against fading, and, most of all, that would get their brand out into the community.

They started with a fresh bold design for their brand. They came to us with their design for decals to use on their portable restrooms and trucks to help get their brand in front of people. Our Monster Stick decals stick to textured plastic and don’t let go while our die cut decals look sharp for all the world to see! With the addition of UV lamination, Orange County Pottys recieved great decals that will last years!

So, what are you waiting for? Start promoting your business today with decals! Moreover, make use of 1 Day Banner to assist you in it.

From decals that go on portable units to tanker truck decals, there are many choices to make. For smooth textured units, we suggest our Super Stick adhesive, which is comparable to anything on the market for decals. For textured units, Our Monster Stick works like nothing else on the market. It’s a super aggressive flexible 3.2 mil material that contours to uneven surfaces and adheres to them without excessive amounts of adhesive. For truck decals we use a 3.2 mil 3M material with an additional 3.3 mil UV lamination. This combination yields a long life for great looking decals. Whatever type of decal we do, we use UV inks straight from the cans for maximum pigment and lifespan.

Call us today to make mini billboards work hard for you!

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