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The better question would be, why not?

They’re fun, easy, and allow you to be creative, all the while being an inexpensive form of advertising!

What’s another name for a decal? Why, a sticker of course! Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re visually appealing because they can be colorful or have unique shapes. With a sticker, the only limitation is your imagination!

Creating publicity takes very little effort when using decals. Ideas and brands spread like wildfire with decals, and the beauty is that you make the effort of designing it, then just sit back (maybe even prop your feet up), and let other people (or objects) spread the word for you! With decals not only is your brand out there, your message sticks (see what we did there).

Will people start to associate you with a little red triangle?
Why Use Decals? 1

Or maybe a green sticky monster:

Why Use Decals? 2

And, of course, who doesn’t think of a computer or a phone when they see an apple nowadays?

Decals are also a very inexpensive way to get your name out there or to get your message across. When a customer likes your product or services and has a sticker of yours, they will proudly display it, giving you FREE ADVERTISING!!!!

You just cannot beat FREE!

Phone book and magazine ads can cost you up to quadruple the amount that decals would, and those methods are not as effective as decals can be for your business. Each month or year, phone books are updated and new magazines reach stands, so the need to renew and reinvest is constantly there. However, good quality and attractive decals last for years because they only need to change when you want them to!

When you take everything into consideration, decals are the best form of advertising. The toughest part of this decision is, what do you want your decals to look like?! Call us today and we’ll help get your name out there! Should we mention free advertising again??

Why Use Decals? 3


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