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Got an invention that nothing will stick to? We love working with people who think outside the box and our customer, Carol “Stash” Stanley, is one of our favorite inventors! Stash designed LaceLocker® after tripping on her shoelace during a run. She picked herself up and figured out a way to keep trips from happening again. After she researched and tested materials for the design of the product, she wanted to personalize these tools for different groups. However, most groups don’t need thousands of sets of these keepers. Normal decals just wouldn’t work on the porous material.

Monster Stick came to the rescue! By using a decal that would actually stick, LaceLocker® has been able to tailor-make orders affordably! Contact LaceLocker® for minimums.
We would love to help you with a project that may be a mere idea.
If your company is sponsoring an event such as a marathon, a fun run, or a golf tournament, why not contact LaceLocker® to showcase your name in this unique and useful way? Check them out at LaceLocker.com

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